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No. 44-8, Ming-Chung Rd., Sheng-Kang Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 429

Chi-fa was established for 38 years since March 01, 1976. Since its early stage as a professional mental parts manufacturer, it always follows its business philosophy of "Quality Affirmation, Technology Marketing, and Customer Satisfaction." Chi-fa improves its machinery expertise continuously so that its customers can always update the most state-of-art machinery information and technology information through Chi-fa.
In 1978, Chi-fa started to accept metal parts ODM orders from domestic machine companies, and provided over 200 sets Knee-type (Bridgeport) Milling machine monthly to market, and reached 600 sets monthly in 1985. Having certain production scale, Chi-fa kept the "Step-by-Step" principle, it grows continuously with the supports from its staffs, customers, distributors, and suppliers.
With the supports from various fields, Chi-fa expands its production volumes and sales quickly. To raise its product quality and production efficiency, Chi-fa moved into a new factory in its current location in 1988. Chi-fa hopes to provide better services to our customers with larger warehouses and operational spaces with 6,000 ㎡ (73,000 square feets) firm spaces and 2100㎡ (25,500 square feets) factory spaces.
To coordinate with production computerization, Chi-fa computerized its office, R&D, inventory and production control processes in 1989. At the same year, knee-type milling machine were produced for 1200 sets monthly, and the production was increased to 1800 sets per month continuously for 4 years since 1990, which occupied 2/3 of Taiwan market.

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Our Product Lines Include:

- Vertical Tapping/Milling Center
- Vertical Machining Center
- Horizontal Machining Center
- Double-Column Machining Center
- Moving-Column Type 5-Sided Machining Center
- Gantry Type 5Ax Machining Center
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